“Man With A Past” featuring artist,Vito Giallo

Special Artist Reception – Saturday October 16, 2010 from 6-8pm


Vito Giallo comes full circle, back to his upstate roots, bearing the fruits of his lifetime’s work, ripe with artistic experiences. From Brewster to NYC,in the heyday of the 1950’s, when America was itching for artistic change, he was there…

He worked with Jack Wolfgang Beck, turning his studios into “The Loft Gallery”,the edgiest place to show your work.

He gave Andy Warhol his first non-pop one-man show and went on to work alongside Warhol for years, creating endless commercial projects.

He was an illustrator for NBC-TV.

He created mega structures for MOMA extravaganzas.

Vito’s work is vivid, an agile force of assemblage and collage. He gathers unique materials from his vast personal collection, including antique maps,fragments of fabrics, or shards of rescued Persian manuscripts to make very one-of-a-kind works. His process evolves from a single element and slowly builds until he feels absorbed by the work. He rests only when the piece feels complete.

You are invited to come meet the featured artist, Vito Gialloalong with Thomas Kiedrowski, his biographer.

Work will hold the walls through November 13, 2010.